I'm glad to invite you to visit my atelier and the new works made during my stay in Zurich, as artist in residence. 

The studio is open everyday, specially on the evenings of "VORZIMMER" events in the frame of Kunsthaus Aussersihl's program:

17 Uhr.
Vorzimmer: Vernissage der Intervention von Germann/Lorenzi

17 Uhr.
Video Window #2: Peter Aerschmann (Bern), Babel I, 2012. Screening und Talk von Bruno Z’Graggen (Kurator) mit Peter Aerschmann

Kunsthaus Aussersihl's ateliers:
Lagerstrasse 98, 8004 Zürich

Further information on the blog: http://www.og9zh.wordpress.com

I look forward to meeting you soon,
Enzo Comin

Enzo Comin, *1979, artist, works with installation, performances and photography. He lives in Venice -Italy- is the INDEX Freiraum-stipendiant, August to September.
Index is a collective of writers who create literary works for book and stage and organize events for heart and brain.

Erste Intervention:
Germann/Lorenzi, 15. September

Nächste Interventionen:
Wink Witholt, 13. Oktober
Françoise Caraco, 3. November
Roman Blumenthal, 24. November
Isabelle Krieg, 15. Dezember

Lagerstrasse 98, 8004 Zürich
Vernissagen jeweils samstags von 17 bis 20 Uhr.

"ZU ICH", mixed media, paper, papers and photos found, wall, 2012